Arizona’s Connected Workforce


The Arizona’s Connected Workforce program establishes the framework for alternative workplace arrangements for State employees and focuses on increasing the efficient use of State resources. The State of Arizona is achieving real results in employee satisfaction, cost reduction, and productivity increases as a result of a remote work culture.

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Program Information

Launched in July 2020, the Arizona’s Connected Workforce program drives a statewide cultural transformation that focuses on best practices for managing and coaching for performance over presence in order to increase the State’s ability to better serve the citizens of Arizona. From a telework program founded in 1990 with the goal of improving air quality by reducing commute-related pollution, the current program has expanded in scope and flexibility to include full-time virtual office, part-time telecommuting, hoteling spaces, and other alternative workplace arrangements that maximize the State’s office space while reducing physical footprint, decreasing air pollution, and allowing eligible employees work how they work best.

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Benefits of Remote Work

Since the beginning of the State’s telework program in the early 1990s, advances in technology and global trends supporting virtual services and interactions have made remote work an increasingly effective alternative to traditional office-based work. Through the Arizona’s Connected Workforce program, the State is leveraging remote work to realize benefits both for employees and the citizens of Arizona.

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Celebrating Success

Every good program measures, celebrates and shares successes! Program Metrics provides a snapshot of the accomplishments to date; Success Stories detail individual agency accomplishments and In the News is a collection of Arizona’s Connected Workforce program media coverage.

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Space Planning

The State of Arizona is working to optimize its physical spaces to meet the needs of a modern, efficient, and mobile workforce. Through the Arizona’s Connected Workforce program, the State will continue to focus on space planning projects that make efficient use of resources, allow agencies to function more collaboratively and better serve their customers, and provide employees with modern and flexible workspace options that support enhanced morale and productivity.

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